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Oyeleye Testimonial

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Read Oyeleye' testimonial here about her life with hearing loss, her experience at Devika James Audiology and life since with a hearing aid.

"My name is Oyeleye Olajumoke and I'm from Nigeria. I have reduced hearing in both my ears since I was a baby of six months, due to high fever. This was made worse as  an adult when I had a boil in my left ear and I could not hear from that side at all. The  boil in my left ear was flushed out in the hospital and my hearing deteriorated further.

I was given a hearing aid at a ENT clinic at Kaduna in Nigeria in 2012 but I hardly used it because it was still difficult for me to hear.
It was difficult for me to keep up with conversations, and most times I avoided making conversation because of my inability to hear what people say, I usually had to lean forward to hear people better, and I got anxious to strike up a conversation. Words or sentences had to be repeated severally times before I could catch on to the words.

 Coping in school was hard and it almost cost me my education, this made me hate mathematics because I did not hear what my teacher was explaining in class.


 Since I got my hearing aid, a Signia at Devika James Audiology in London, my hearing ability has improved a great deal, the hearing aid works just like a magic. I was so emotional the first moment I used it I cried because I could hear clearly and I was overwhelmed. It has improved my quality of life, I am happy now because I can make conversation easily with a relaxed body posture. My family and friends are happy too because they don’t need to shout and repeat whatever they say to me anymore.

The size is so small that you can hardly notice it and my hearing aid colour matches my skin tone perfectly. Since I have had my hearing aid not a day has passed without me using it, except when am sleeping. It has improved my life a great deal, I now enjoy a better relationship with family friends and clients everyday." 

Just as an added note to Oyeleye' story, even though she lives on the other side of the world and she only visits London every six months, we can still adjust her hearing aids whenever she had an issue, wherever she is in the world. In Oyeleye case she had returned home to Nigeria and she contacted us to say she was having some slight issues in certain hearing conditions. We simply readjust the settings in branch and upload them to the cloud. A message is sent to the hearing app on the users phone to say there is a settings change and the user can then try the new settings and choose to keep the change or come back to us with feed back.  This is something that is widely available from many hearing aid manufacturers that we fit and it allows us to be able to help the customer get the absolute best from their aids without having to come into branch, if it isn't convenient to do so, wherever you're in this country or the world. 

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